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The new year is a time of resolutions, self-reflection, the desire to do better and be better.

Jacksonville’s own Jefferson Farm Kitchen is the motivation you need to keep on track. There’s no longer an excuse to keep you from eating healthy, organic and locally sourced ingredients that you’ll feel good about eating and feeding your family.

Owner and Chef Kristen Lyon is passionate about cooking quality and great tasting healthy comfort food. Her experience is built on working in kitchens, farmers markets and the local food system, all right here in the Rogue Valley and Pacific Northwest. She is living out her aspiration to offer nutritious and wholesome dishes and educate others that quality ingredients can work together to create appetizing meals for friends and family to enjoy around the table.

New and fresh menu items are available each week with the option to sign-up for a meal plan or order just a few items for pick-up or delivery. Substitute a few meals-on-to-go to help ensure you have some nutritious meal options throughout the week. You can also drop in for a quick lunch or pick-up ready to go dishes, such as a homemade pot pie, pizza, quiche, soup or salad to name a few. They also sell nourishing broths, perfect for your favorite soup, sauce or gravy, healing tonics, dry goods, treats and doughs. It’s also convenient and easy for when you have company over with dietary restrictions, as they offer both gluten free and vegan options.


Jefferson Farm Kitchen is located at 135 S. Oregon St in downtown Jacksonville. They are open on Mondays 1-5pm, Tuesday-Friday 11-5pm or by appointment. Catering is also available.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @JeffersonFarmKitchen and watch for updates on new cooking classes and private dinner events coming this Spring in their new event space.

Visit Jefferson Farm Kitchen to see this week’s menu and place an order.

Know where your food comes from and try out Jefferson Farm Kitchen. Here’s to a healthy 2020!

Jacksonville is a place that is easy to fall in love with.  It’s small town ambiance (population 2,860) gorgeous setting in the foothills of the Siskiyou

Mountains and beautifully preserved late 1800’s architecture combine to make a very attractive town.

We have become a desirable place for retirees who still want to experience four seasons, but in a milder climate, as well as a great place to raise a family. Residents and visitors appreciate a cultural scene that is far richer than a community this side normally expects.

One of the oldest communities in Oregon, Jacksonville began with the discovery of gold in 1851.  Originally called Table Rock City due to view of two mesas that are a primary geological feature of the area, the town soon grew to become the agricultural and economic hub of Southern Oregon.

The railroad passed the town by for a more expedient and less costly route, which laid the groundwork for Jacksonville’s demise as the county seat and economic engine.  It lapsed into a quiet, financially depressed period as Medford grew into the regional hub.

But that is also what eventually saved the town.  With no economic reasons to “upgrade” the buildings they remain unchanged.  And that lead to the

town being designated a National Historic Landmark in 1962 in recognition of being an intact example of a late 1800’s Western Gold-boom town.

With the charming architecture and small-town appeal we attract a lot of visitors who seek an authentic experience.  And that is what they get!  There are no chains or franchises – all independently owned businesses.  Visitors will definitely find the right fit within our

broad range of lodging options – from cottages and vacation homes to B&B’s and Inns.  Check out all there is to see and do on Things To Do.

CLIMATE:  Jacksonville is located in what’s called the “banana belt” of the Pacific Northwest. That is why you will see palm trees scattered around town.

The temperature is moderate and the seasons gloriously distinctive. Early Spring is a show of wildflowers and pear blossoms with lots of sun and occasional light showers.

Summers are warm and sunny with very low humidity. Winter brings sporadic showers and an occasional dusting of snow.

In the winter you will see snow on the surrounding mountains even when there are moderate temperatures in the lower elevations.

For statistical information about Jacksonville go

For the City of Jacksonville’s website go to:

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