New Options at Spa

Spa Jacksonville is doing something new this year!  The incorporation of Chinese Medicine has shifted our establishment from a day spa to a health spa  with the addition of Registered Nurse Yvette Bedrossian, who is also a licensed acupuncturist and board certified in Chinese herbal medicine.

Every year research studies are published showing the effectiveness of this unique medicine. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s own ability to heal, decreases pain, reduces stress, enhances mood, strengthens the immune system, and can help maintain health and wellness. It can also help manage symptoms common in chronic pain and illness.

Yvette brings 15 years of clinical experience, not including her years working as a certified nursing assistant while still in high school and college.  At age 20, she was legally administering intravenous Morphine to cardiac patients, however was still too young to purchase a glass of wine after a long 12 hour shift at the hospital.  

You will still find an array of facials, massage, and parafin wax treatments at Spa. For all of the services offered by and information on the staff go to or call 541-899-7893.

After years of travel nursing and international health-aide work, she discovered Chinese Medicine and devoted 4 years, including over 1000 clinical hours to train in the field.  Now she combines the ancient and modern approaches to find the most effective treatment strategies for her patients on an individual basis by using various modalities including nutritional counseling, moxibustion, electroacupuncture, cupping, herbalism, and Qi Gong therapy.   

Every Thursday morning you can find Yvette teaching Qi Gong to the residents at Pioneer Village.  This art of slow flowing movements with focused breathing techniques strengthen overall health and well-being.  Practiced by millions of people worldwide, the benefits are well-documented which include not only a stronger physical body, but also a more focused and clear sense of awareness and attention.  

Every patient seen by Yvette receives private Qi Gong instruction to take with them and practice at home to enhance their treatments.  She also plans to offer group classes to the rest of the community of Jacksonville very soon, so watch out for that. 

Yvette is not the only one with clinical experience practicing in this space.  Licensed massage therapist Sarah LaRosa is an oncology massage  trained therapist with Oncology Massage Alliance where she offers her services to people living with cancer.  She is also a member with Society for Oncology Massage.  

Sarah understands the massage requirements of those who have gone through cancer treatment, such as adjusting for the risk of lymphedema, fatigue, bruising, immunosuppression and the side effects of trauma to the body and spirit.

Clinical massage is offered as well by Laura Jarrell, LMT and Alice Wolf, LMT, both providing therapeutic massage at Spa for the past 19 years. All therapists provide rehabilitative massage therapy to aid recovery from trauma, stress, repetitive use injuries and provide pain management. 

The bar has always been very high for therapists who work at Spa and massage therapy is what our reputation is based on. Referrals to and from other health professionals in the community have created a team approach that works for our clients. The spa team is so excited to now have acupuncture available in house!

Spa would love to chat with you about how their therapists can help you optimize your health goals in order to experience life to the fullest this year. Please call Spa Jacksonville at 541-899-7893 for a consultation or to schedule. For more information visit our website at .


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