2014 Oktoberfest

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Fall is beautiful in the National Historic Landmark town of Jacksonville, OR.  And there is no better way to celebrate the new season than at the 7th Annual Oktoberfest September 26 – 28, hosted by the Jacksonville Heritage Society.

The festival, which spans 3 days, takes place in the spectacular setting of the 7.5 acre Bigham Knoll Campus, home of the 1908 Old School House and the School Haus Brewhaus German Restaurant.  The 2014 Oktoberfest is expanding to three days this year to accommodate the demand for good German music, fantastic seasonal brews and traditional O’fest food fare.

Always the last weekend in September, the dates are Friday, September 26, 5:30 pm-10pm, Saturday, September 27th, noon-9pm and Sunday, September 28th, 11am-6:00 pm.  There are additional activites in the mornings so please check the full schedule out at BighamKnoll.com.

There will be 48 beers on tap, nationally recognized musical entertainment, and lots of competitions!  Dance the chicken dance or come to waltz and polka.

Improved parking situation:

This year, we have overflow parking arranged at the local elementary school located just a 5 minute walk from Campus.  The Pioneer Village bus has volunteered to shuttle between the Campus and the elementary school every 5 minutes. Handicap parking is available on site.

Attendance to the Festival is free.  However if you wish to drink alcohol, a $3 wrist band must be purchased and worn to prevent underage drinking and to hire security to insure that all participants are acting in a responsible manner.

Designated drivers will be banded as such and offered free soft drinks throughout their visit.


JHS is a 501 (3) c nonprofit organization with a mission of helping to preserve the cultural history of Jacksonville as well as aiding in the restoration and preservation of its Historic Landmark structures. The Oktoberfest Festival is held on the 7.5 acre Campus site which is home to the Historic Landmark Property, the “Old School”, built in 1908.  The abundance of German surnames in the pioneer days of Jacksonville is memorialized in the City’s historic Cemetery.  Jacksonville was also home to five breweries. Peter Britt, Jacksonville’s most famous German speaker, was himself a brewmeister. The Festival honors the fine German traditions of music, dance and of course great beer!

Contact:    541-899-9665


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