Gogi’s Restaurant

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Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Britt Gardens in Historic Jacksonville Oregon, Gogi’s Restaurant is a must see all year round. An intimate atmosphere paired with exceptional service makes Gogi’s the perfect restaurant for any dining event. Gogi’s is locally owned and operated by brothers Gabriel & Jonoah Murphy. The Murphy brothers pride themselves on using local organic products whenever possible. Much of the produce comes from their one-acre farm in the Applegate Valley. Everything is made in-house with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Gabriel and Jonoah look forward to serving you at your next dining event. Gogi’s is open for dinner Wednesday – Sunday, 5pm-9pm and Sunday Brunch, 10am-1pm.

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Hours of Operation:

Dinner: Wed-Sun 5pm-9pm
Sun Brunch: 10am-1pm


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