2016 City-Wide Yard Sale – September 9-11, 2016

Jacksonville’s annual City-Wide Yard Sale attracts not only people from the surrounding area, but some from much greater distances and even from other states.  Its popularity and reputation have continued to grow over the years.  September 9 – 11 are the dates for the 2016 yard sale.  Friday, September 9 allows sales by residents and non-profit organizations only.  Saturday & Sunday, September 10 & 11 also allows sales by merchants and for-profit entities.

Sales are allowed between 7 am & 8 pm only Friday – Sunday. Set-Up is allowed on Thursday, September 8th, 6:00-10:00pm (No Sales Allowed).

It is a no-host event, meaning it isn’t sponsored or coordinated by an organization or the city.  It is simply a weekend designated by the city for residents to have yard sales without individual permits.  For the city’s General Policy for the City-Wide Yard Sale CLICK HERE. Others have wanted to take advantage of the shoppers this event attracts – residents of other towns and some businesses that do not have a physical location in town. To determine if you can participate as a seller* and if you will need a permit CLICK HERE.

The large number of people and the resulting increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic increases the need for the city to enforce safety regulations.  This includes keeping public right-of-ways (streets, intersections and sidewalks) clear and accessible. Illegal parking makes it more dangerous for all people involved. The police will be ticketing illegally-parked vehicles. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time while you are in Jacksonville, so please be sure you follow the law.

Parking Guidelines:  (These guidelines are supported by the Jacksonville Municipal Code and the Oregon Revised Statutes.)

  • Never stop your vehicle in the middle of the road
  • The yellow, red and green markings on the roadway and curbs indicate that parking is either not allowed or limited. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Never park within 20 feet of an intersection whether the curb or ground is painted or not unless a designated parking space is indicated
  • Public safety vehicles must be able to travel safely down all streets in case of an emergency
  • Do not park with any portion of your vehicle extending into the roadway
  • If the road is painted with no parking and/or a yellow, red or green line, pulling into the area inside of that line no matter how far off the street the vehicle is, is still considered illegally parking
  • Timed parking will be enforced
  • Handicapped parking will be enforced
  • There is absolutely no parking on North Fifth St/Hwy 238
  • California/Hwy 238 is actually a State Highway and subject to tickets associated with the Oregon State Police and Jackson County Sheriff Department also
  • Read the signs at the beginning and ending of each block to see if parking is limited in that area


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